Physical concepts

The specific position of goalkeeper has some peculiarities that must be taken into account when planning the physical work of the teams. The specific needs refer to a greater extent to elasticity and flexibility, given that the necessary technique differs completely from those of the rest of the team.

Physical reinforcement is also necessary for goalkeepers, given the nature of the position. The physical stimuli we have are less than the rest of the team. An court player is pushed and pulled, he pushes and pulls others, he contacts other players, etc. These stimuli are physical, so his development is much faster than that of the goalkeeper. Therefore, we must reinforce our physical preparation to achieve the same level as the rest of our teammates.

Finally, we have the “fear of the ball” factor. The moving ball is scary. It comes towards us at high speed and our natural reaction is to get away from it. This is because we associate the ball with the pain it will cause us. On the other hand, if the goalkeeper is strong, he won’t feel any pain. When the goalkeeper knows what he has to do, knows the specific position and is sufficiently physically prepared, he is not afraid of the ball.

What physical concepts are we going to work on with the goalkeeper?

      • Endurance
      • Speed of execution
      • Coordination
      • Elasticity and flexibility
      • Proprioception